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After Completing the Course, You Will: 
  1. Gain Emotional Autonomy 

  2. Understand New Perspectives 

  3. Create a Progress Plan Moving Forward

Course Outline
  • Day 1: Understand Your Internal Factors

  • Day 2: Identify Your External Factors

  • Day 3: Processing Your Pain

  • Day 4: Discover New Curiosities 

  • Day 5: Find Your Connections

  • Day 6: Create Self-Sustainability 

  • Day 7: Plan Your Progress

Scroll Down to Watch a Video Preview of the Course! 

Mindfulness 101 Course


Build Mindfulness Fundamentals within 1 Week

Easy to follow 30 min lessons designed to fit your busy schedule!

Custom videos, Guided Reflection prompts, and PDF lesson plans

Over 25 Book, Netflix, and IG Account Recommendations!


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”  

— Benjamin Franklin

What people are saying:


The Mindfulness 101 course with Coach Kanda is an amazing starting point for anyone that wants to incorporate mindfulness into their lives. She proves many key points, such as shifting our mindset and self-talk to be more positive and grateful, as well as focusing more on the things we can control in our environment. I enjoyed Kanda’s encouraging and thoughtful instruction and plan on implementing her tips into my daily routine! 💗


"It's truly crazy to me how Kanda takes these very complex subjects and breaks them down into digestible pieces. Because of her ability to do this, it allows each and every person who becomes a part of this community to implement these fundamental teachings into their everyday life! If you are wanting to change the course of your life for the better but are feeling lost, THIS is 100% the course for you!"

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