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3 Easy Exercises to Skyrocket Your Confidence within 1 Week

Learn how to Ooze with Confidence even if you have little to none as of now.

#1. Write out 3 “I am” Statements.

I am Strong. I am Intelligent. I am Complex. Did you just feel a golden current circulate through your body after reading those 3 statements? If you felt even the slightest of sparks go off inside your being, then that’s your proof of the simple magic of “I am Statements.”

When creating your “I am” statements, you must ONLY use 3 words. I am ______. The cardinal rule of I am statements is that there are only 3 words. Why: Two Reasons. 1) Less is More. If you add any more words, that acts as unnecessary fluff and immediately detracts power from the statement. Let me prove it to you.

I am Beautiful. I am sorta Beautiful. I’m mostly Beautiful.

See how much worse they become with more words. Keep it only to 3 words. 2) Shorter is Easy to Remember. You want to memorize your 3 I am statements, so that in times when your head thoughts start spiraling as if in drowning in toilet bowl of mental poopy soup, then you want to quickly pull yourself out with your I am statements, which are easy to remember and quick to spurt out to launch yourself out of toilet bowl land.

So now let’s write out 3, I am Statements. And Congrats, you just planted seeds in your mental garden, which will nourish your mind as long as you remember where you planted them.


  • Write your I Am Statements in your Phone and Make them Background for 1 week, see how you feel after reading them 2 billion times.

  • Write them down daily every morning and evening for 1 week, see how you feel after writing them twice a day for 7 days straight.

  • Write them on Notes, and tap them to your Mirror, so you see them every time you use the bathroom. See how you feel after reading them in your facial reflection every day for 1 week.

  • Say them outloud to yourself every morning in the mirror after you wake up and are ready for the day. See how you feel after seeing your face and listening to your voice say these statements everyday for 1 week.

Is that flicker getting a little bigger now?

#2. Write out 3 Different Strengths per Day, that will give you a list of 20+ strengths after 1 week!

Every day, write out 3 different strengths about yourself. So by the end of your week, you will have created something that lists out 21+ unique ways in which you demonstrate strength. What a joyous scroll of life that you can become your own bill of rights in your mental kingdom.

Think about your strengths: as a human, your character, tendencies, habits; as a co-worker, how you work with others, what skills you bring to the table; as a friend; as a partner; as a student; as an athlete; as a family member; as a community member; as a caregiver; as a earth inhabitant.

Take the time to reflect on writing out different strengths. You will have become the author of your book of strengths.


  • Convert your list of 21+ strengths into I am Statements.

  • Write your strengths and I am statements on separate pieces of paper and put them all in a jar on your dresser. Then when you’re feeling down, you can dump out magic jar of self-love and wizardy onto your bed and read them in the comfort under the blankets.

  • If you do this, then you are literally teaching how to take care of your own mind, pain, and emotional bruises versus seeking that comfort in someone else.

Now, we’ve added fertilizer to your seeds of confidence as they are settling into their little nooks of their new home up in your mind.

#3. Ask 7 People why they Enjoy your Company

It’s honestly just a really nice feeling, when someone is saying nice things about you. It’s even nicer when they are coming from people you admire, love, and respect. And it’s even better when you hear these words in person or on the phone. You also may have zero idea the amount of impact that you have in someone else’s life.

Every day for 1 week, reach out and ask someone to jump on a quick call or meet for coffee or meal and ask them to share, “Hey, can you explain why you enjoy my company?”, “What does my friendship mean to you?”, “Why do you love me?”, etc. Just say it in whatever way is the most natural for you.


  • Do not have this exchange over text or email. Ideally, in person but if not over facetime, so you can see their face and facial expressions when they share with you, and last resort would be a phone call. Texting about important things is lame. The whole point is building confidence. Texting is the easier, more squeamish way out of this, which goes against the whole purpose of this exercise. Hold yourself accountable and be brave by asking in person or over facetime.

  • If you want to go to Level 2 on this, then you can even be completely honest and vulnerable with them saying “Hey, I’m working on building my confidence, and one of my exercises in doing so is asking different people in my life why they enjoy my company. It would be awesome if you could share this with me.”

Time to add some water and sunlight to the seeds in your fertile mental soil so that your seeds of self confidence can sprout and grow into the Forest they were always meant to become.

Told Yah, it’s Possible.

Told yah so. It’s so possible to increase your confidence within 1 week even if you’re starting at ground zero. With these 3 easy exercises, which by the way don’t cost you a penny and take less than 10 minutes to do, you can plant the seeds and start growing your Mental Forest of Confidence.


  • Document and share your experience after 1 week of doing these 3 exercises. Share and tag us @korevibration so we can see your journey and so you can inspire others to do the same!

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