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3 Ways to Turn Layoff Season into Your Comeback Season even if you feel like SH*T

Layoffs has now become a first language for many working corporate professionals. Whether you’re fluent in the language of layoffs (aka been through layoffs many times) or you’re foreigner to this language (aka this is your first layoff season), it is nonetheless unsettling for us all.

It’s definitely not fun to get laid off. I’m not trying to sugar coat this experience one bit. AT ALL. The shock, the injustice, the cold nature, everything about it is literally awful. To give all of that time, energy, emotion, effort, and so much more to something that turns around and drops you like a fly, I mean…words cannot even capture the injustice of it all.

But layoffs impact literally everyone negatively. Obviously it hits the hardest for the people who actually got laid off, but it also creates waves of panic, chaos, and anxiety throughout the entire company. For the people, who didn’t get fired, there’s survivors guilt, complete loss of any company trust, and boatloads more work to do.

No matter how fluent you are in the layoff language, we all benefit from mastering the delicate intricacies of this language. The ones who do it the fastest will quantum leap themselves into a much brighter, fulfilling, and healthy future than those who drown in a black hole of anger.

Here are 3 Ways to Turn Layoff Season into Your Comeback Season:

1. Get a Job you Actually Like

It’s crazy right…To think you can actually get a job you like? Well here’s the thing. The job you want at your dream company is out there waiting for you to go find it. Think about it like this. You just got straight up dumped from your last company. It’s a breakup you didn’t want, but yet reality came and slapped you across the face. Just like in a relationship, it will never work if the other person doesn’t value you.

Now it’s your turn to find your real long term partner, but in job/company form. It will suck at times, but also you now should have a better idea of what you want.

2. Take the Reins of your Movie Moment!

Every main character in a movie has something pretty sh*tty happen to them. Then they go through their feelings, followed by a period of self-discovery, finally evolve into a better version of themselves, and then the credits start. This is now YOUR MOVIE MOMENT! In case you're unaware, your wealth status just increased 10X. And not in terms of dollar signs but rather in more meaningful measurements like time, freedom, creativity, and growth. Go travel to a new place, visit old friends, take a new class, or get a part time job somewhere. Take that leap of faith that all main characters make in their journey. It’s now your time! You can literally go do anything you want.

Also, since layoffs are so normal now, you don’t even have to explain the time gap in your resume anymore because literally everyone will understand. Don’t starve yourself of this luxury of time and opportunity.

3. You’re the Only Interviewer who Matters

You will at some point start job interviewing again. Everyone is in different circumstances, but at some point in time, you will find yourself in the recruiting process yet again. However, now after all this growth, by being more intentional with what you wanna do career wise, you are now the only interviewer who matters. Because you will be interviewing the company, manager, people, etc way more than they will be interviewing you.

Because you’ve experienced the pain of being dumped by your last company, you know all the red flags to look for while interviewing for your new role. You got this.

Comeback Season is Upon us. Happy creating, experiencing, learning, and growing to us All!

Comment below your thoughts and share with anyone who might benefit from these Ways to Turn Layoff Season into Your Comeback Season even if you feel like SH*T.

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