Our Mission

"Mental will is a muscle that needs exercise, just like muscles of the body."
- Lynn Jennings


Developing a deep Connection to your Kore Essence, Spirit, and Truth is the first step. 

The Connection to Oneself lays the Foundation for Lifelong Wellness, Happiness, and Peace.


We are Lifelong Navigators between Two Universes: our Internal sense of self and our External environment. 

Vibration is a Frequency of Information and Energy that Flows through all Life.

Thus, we have Kore Vibration.Thriving in the Duality of your Kore being and the Vibrational force that Connects all Life. 

  • Movement

    ✅ Movement focuses on our Physical Health. We all know Exercising is good for us as it creates physical and chemical Benefits in both the Short and Long term.

    ✅ We honor Movement across its Immense Spectrum and do not preach that one form of Movement is better than another. You want to create a Balanced Movement Practice composed of activities you Love and Genuinely look Forward to doing. Your Movement practice should encompass bits of Strength Building, Cardio, Rehabilitation and Stretching.

    ✅ Everyone enjoys Different Activities in varying environments. Some of us like to work out in Classes or in the Gym whereas others prefer working out Solo or Outside. Our Goal is to Create a Balanced but Completely Customized Movement Practice that Matches your Unique Preferences and Fits into Your unique Routine.

  • Mindfulness

    ✅ Mindfulness focuses on our Emotional health. Understanding our emotions, triggers, insecurities, strengths, and growth areas is a Never Ending process across our Entire Life.

    ✅ Although sometimes daunting, Mindfulness can be Broken Down into Simple Steps to bring Inner Peace and Happiness. Learning how to Train your mind to cope with life’s pain, unfairness, and sporadic nature is the Same thing as Building muscle. It only takes Time, Intention, and Effort like All things in Life.

    ✅ You can Rewire your Brain. You can Overcome your Insecurities. You can Develop New Perspectives on Life. You Create your Own Source of never ending Happiness, Gratitude, Empathy, Love and Abundance for the Rest of your Life.

  • Breathwork

    ✅ Breathwork Connects all forms of health: Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual. For thousands of years across the Entire world, Breathwork has appeared in all Ancient spiritual practices.

    ✅ It is Free. It is Simple. It is in your Control. It is Powerful. It contains the secret of life itself. We Cannot survive Without Breathing for a Reason. Learning how to Harness the Power of your Breath will Unlock a new World of Wonder.

    ✅ "No matter what you Eat, how much you Exercise, how Skinny, Young, or Strong you are, None of it matters if You`re Not Breathing Properly."- James Nestor